Sex Coaching

15% – 20% of long-term couples are in sexless relationships.

Most couples experience emotional or physical challenges at some time or another in romantic relationships. It’s common and expectable when you’ve been together for years and can lead to a break-down or decrease in your sexual connection.

Do you long for a deeper connection and passionate lovemaking? Sex Coaching for couples can help deepen your sexual connection as a couple by meeting each
other’s present needs for intimacy and pleasure

Create real transformation in your sex life & relationship with a retreat specifically designed for your
relationship goals.


Couples retreats can be a wonderful and romantic getaway, a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries while building intimacy skills and learning new ways to communicate. They can also be lifesavers for partnerships that have met challenges and want to face them with compassion and dedication as well as growth and understanding.

My Couple’s Retreat Coaching method is sexy, fun and relationship-shifting. As a couple, you’ll be guided through genuine, interactive, body-based experiences that build on each other  throughout your retreat. Your time together will teach you about yourselves as embodied, confident lovers, creating real transformation in your sex life and relationship (in and out of the
bedroom). No two retreats are alike, as every couple is uniquely wired for love and pleasure.


First of all, let’s talk. I’d love to help you decide if a retreat with me is right for you as a

couple. If we feel right for each other, I will then email my intake form, designed to help
you reflect on some of the areas we’ll be talking about during our video chat.
The video chat is where we will get to know about each other and learn about who you are as a couple. By hearing about what makes your relationship unique, I can design your optimal retreat experience.
Next, we’ll schedule your retreat time. We will spend 1-3 (or longer) days together online
or at a beautiful locale in Mill Valley, 10mins north of San Francisco in Marin county.
Full of the excitement from our time together, you’ll want to take your new relationship
skills and erotic menu home and continue to grow and explore. I will help you do that by
following up with a video chat to support you on your journey together.


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