15% – 20% of long-term couples are in sexless relationships.

Most couples experience emotional or physical challenges at some time or another in romantic relationships. It’s common and expectable when you’ve been together for years and can lead to a break-down or decrease in your sexual connection.

Do you long for a deeper connection and passionate lovemaking? Sex Coaching for couples can help deepen your sexual connection as a couple by meeting each other’s present needs for intimacy and pleasure.

Common Areas of Interest

  • Are you experiencing a sexless marriage with fewer than 10 intimate moments per year?
  • Do you face challenges and conflicts when communicating about sex with your partner?
  • Are you feeling sexually shut down, having little or no interest in engaging in sexual activities?
  • Has sex become predictable and routine, lacking excitement and spontaneity?

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  • Do you need assistance in navigating challenges like erectile dysfunction (ED) or premature ejaculation (PE) as a couple?
  • Are you dealing with desire discrepancy, where one partner has a lower libido than the other?
  • Are you looking to learn new tools and techniques to expand your sexual repertoire?
  • Do you find yourself automatically saying “no” when your partner approaches you for sex?
  • Do you have unexpressed sexual desires or fantasies waiting to be explored?
  • Are you constantly assuming that your partner’s touch always leads to sex?
  • Do you find attraction towards others but not towards your partner?
  • Do you have concerns about orgasm and would like guidance in addressing them?
  • Are you grappling with body image concerns, trauma, self-esteem, shame, or issues related to size?
  • Are you experiencing gender identity concerns that impact your sexual experiences?
  • Are you interested in exploring alternative practices like Tantra, BDSM, or Kink?

Experience the power of Sex Coaching

  • Strengthen the bond with your partner and cultivate a healthy and secure attachment.
  • Identify and overcome barriers that hinder genuine connection.
  • Expand your pleasure and satisfaction in sexual experiences.
  • Strengthen the bond with your partner and cultivate a healthy and secure attachment.

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  • Deepen your emotional and sexual connection, reigniting passion.
  • Develop sexual skills to please your partner and confidently express your own desires.
  • Discover the art of Tantra and embrace full-body sensual touch.
  • Bridge the desire gap between you and your partner.
  • Learn to communicate authentically and lovingly about sex.
  • Create a safe space to openly share your desires and fantasies.
  • Gain knowledge on pleasuring the male prostate and female G-spot.
  • Transform your body image and boost self-esteem.
  • Release expectations and embrace a more open mindset.
  • Access resources, exercises, and natural supplements to address concerns related to aging, libido, and pain.
  • Embrace your true sexual identity or orientation.
  • Explore alternative sexual practices such as Tantra, BDSM, and kink.
  • Feel confident and comfortable asking any questions related to sex.
  • I am here to provide support on your journey towards achieving your goals for love, sex, and intimacy.


Couples retreats can be a wonderful and romantic getaway, a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries while building intimacy skills and learning new ways to communicate. They can also be lifesavers for partnerships that have met challenges and want to face them with compassion and dedication as well as growth and understanding.

My Couple’s Retreat Coaching method is sexy, fun and relationship-shifting. As a couple, you’ll be guided through genuine, interactive, body-based experiences that build on each other throughout your retreat. Your time together will teach you about yourselves as embodied, confident lovers, creating real transformation in your sex life and relationship (in and out of the bedroom). No two retreats are alike, as every couple is uniquely wired for love and pleasure.

Together you will:

  • Understand how arousal and desire work in your body
  • Discover your ‘sexual style’ and how it relates to your partner’s
  • Build trust, compassion, and communication in your relationship
  • Learn to ask for what you want free of shame and judgment
  • Enhance your experience of pleasure and redefine your definition of sex
  • Learn how to share your Hottest Sexual Movie with your lover (we all have one)
  • Learn the Art of Full Body Sensual Massage
  • Learn about G spot & prostate pleasure


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