The Love Languages

Do you wish to give your acts of love a little more intention? Think about how you and your loved ones feel about one another. In your relationships, being aware of the many love languages might make all the difference.   In his book "The Five Love Languages," Gary Chapman discusses how communication problems can [...]

Your Brain on Sex

A fascinating topic that reveals the underpinnings of human desire and pleasure is the complex dance between the brain and sex. Our brains go through a complex series of changes during sex that affect our ideas, emotions, and bodily reactions.     The brain releases an increase in neurotransmitters and chemicals during sexual excitement. The [...]

The Dynamics of Arranged Marriages

Approximately half of marriages across the globe are believed to be arranged, wherein a third party, such as a matchmaker or the families involved, plays a role in bringing the couple together. These marriages have the potential to be just as fulfilling as those founded in romantic love, despite the fact that they face unique [...]

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