Clients in arranged marriages are often sexually inexperienced and have had little physical interaction with each other prior to marriage which may lead to feelings of shame or sexual inadequacy. Men may feel the pressure to know how to please their partner or to be a knowledgeable lover. Women may feel shy about their bodies and having sex for the first time. And both spouses may feel unaware of their sexual needs and desires. There may also be pressure to start a family, which could feel very stressful and impede the natural development of getting to know someone intimately and sexually.

Some of the common challenges I’ve encountered in my practice working with people in arranged marriages include lack of sexual education and fulfillment, erectile dysfunction and sexual discomfort or pain. Struggling with sexuality and intimacy concerns can lead to challenges and create stress in other areas of the marriage.


Sessions with me for Sex Coaching and Sex Therapy are conducted in a private and confidential setting, free from judgment. I recognize that discussing sensitive topics may bring about shyness, particularly during initial conversations. I offer customized services, available both in-person and online, to cater to your specific requirements. For those in arranged marriages seeking guidance and support specifically focused on this facet of your relationship, I’m here to provide the assistance you need.


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