Madame Annabelle

Did your Sex Education curriculum encompass discussions on desire, sexual fulfillment, or personal gratification?

During my formative years in the United States, the Sex Education classes I attended provided an array of ambiguous, perplexing, and occasionally flawed information regarding contraception, sexually transmitted infections, and sexual intercourse.

Consequently, when I ventured into the realm of dating, I carried with me insecurities about my body and the daunting challenge of projecting sexual confidence. I felt uncomfortable, uncertain, and woefully ill-prepared.

Although I engaged in sexual activities, they lacked the qualities of being healthy, satisfying, or profoundly pleasurable. Determined to unveil the mysteries surrounding human sexuality. This relentless pursuit ultimately culminated in my attainment of a Doctorate in Human Sexuality.

As a practitioner, I adopt an inclusive approach, valuing and respecting individuals’ diverse sexual orientations and preferences. Couples and individuals, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, are warmly welcomed.

Congratulations for investing in your sexuality, and welcome!

Healthy sexuality holds a key that unlocks our potential for profound healing, deep intimacy,
erotic pleasure and passionate loving relationships.

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